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MSPbots is an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tool designed for Managed Service Providers.

MSPbots is an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) platform specifically designed for IT MSP (Managed Service Provider) businesses. We connect with ConnectWise Manage and other programs to automate mundane and repetitive business processes that lead to better business efficiency.

MSPbots scans the ConnectWise Manage database in real-time and compares data to pre-defined rules. If exceptions to the rules are found, the bot will send alert messages to the respective user. After a certain number of alerts are sent, and the user continues to generate more alerts, the bot will escalate the issue to managers so they can take action in getting the issue resolved.

MSPbots also include various functions such as automated service ticket dispatch, attendance management, and "In/out" board functions that help MSPs become more productive in their day to day operations.

The Next Ticket app calculates the points for each ticket in ConnectWise manage based on the ticket priority, ticket status, agreement amount, and many other factors. Putting all these together, it determines tickets that are of the highest priority so users can quickly fix issues in real-time.

Users of the MSPbots can use commands to notify the system about their attendance status.

  • In: Tells bot you started to work today.

  • In at [time] because [reason]: Extra Parameters that tell bot the actual time you start-ed, and the reason why you didn't report on time.

  • Break or Coffee or Bathroom: The command changes your status to break, and records the break start time in the database.

  • Break for [duration] minutes: Tells bot you will take a break for how long. You will need to manually type back to stop the break.

  • Lunch or lunch for [duration] minutes: Tells bot that you're out for lunch, and switch-es your status to “Lunch”.

  • Back: Tells bot that you are back from break or lunch, and switches your status back to “In”.

  • Out: Tells bot that you finished the day, and changes your status to “out”.

  • Out at [time] because [reason]: Tell bots that you finished the day at [time] if you forget to tell the bot you are out.

  • Out Nocheck: Tell bots that you finished the day, and skips the End of Day check.

To sign up: please go to add the bots to your Teams and go to the "reports" tab and follow the screen prompts.

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