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Monitor your Stripe account

Collaborate with your coworkers in Microsoft Teams instead of spending your day checking Stripe’s dashboard. PaymentsBot gives you real-time updates from your Stripe account for sales, subscriptions, failed payments and more, right inside Teams. You'll be able to choose the events you want to track in Teams, so you can focus on the updates that are crucial to you.

Stripe is a full online payment infrastructure that makes it easy to start accepting payments online. Stripe can also be used a payment gateway for e-commerce or shopping cart services like Shopify, Squarespace, WooCommerce and many more. As long as you receive your money through Stripe, PaymentsBot will work. You can learn more about Stripe at


  • Decide which type of events you want to track and get notifications for. Events include captured payments, failed payments, refunds, payouts and subscription changes.
  • Monitor multiple Stripe accounts by having PaymentsBot post to different channels.

Please note: You need to be admin of the Stripe account you want to connect.

The notifications sent by the bot include a link to the original data in the Stripe dashboard. If you would like your team members to see this data, you need to setup read-only team member accounts in Stripe for them.

For installation instructions, please refer to this guide:

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