RFPIO Office Add-in


RFPIO for Office | Access Answer Library Content without Leaving Office

If your organization has a subscription to RFPIO, your proposal teams and subject-matter-experts are constantly curating a rich database containing the most accurate and up-to-date information about your organization. This database is called the “RFPIO Answer Library” and the RFPIO Microsoft Office Add-in ensures anyone working with Office on any desktop or online platforms can search and recall RFPIO Answer Library content right within Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. 

Having access to the RFPIO Answer Library knowledge base within Microsoft Office enables each member of your organization to:

  • Complete projects more efficiently that contain information about your organization’s offerings or services
  • Ensure messaging consistency and accuracy in presentations, reports, briefings, messages, or any other projects done in Microsoft Office
  • Quickly answer simple questionnaires, RFx’s that don’t require additional collaborators

Once launched, using the RFPIO Office Add-in is as simple as:

1) Highlighting any text-based content in Word, Excel, or Powerpoint
2) Right-clicking the questions or keywords and choosing “Search in RFPIO”
3) Select best-fit answer/content from the RFPIO Add-in sidebar to be copied and pasted back into the original Word, Excel, or Powerpoint document

System Requirements:
To utilize the RFPIO Microsoft Office Add-in, office users must be an RFPIO license holder with “RFPIO Lookup Premium” enabled. Email support@rfpio.com for more information and setup support.

Capacitats del complement
Quan s'utilitza aquest complement:
  • Pot llegir el document i fer-hi canvis.
  • Pot enviar dades per Internet.
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