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The new App for Microsoft TEAMS that makes building skills simple and easy.

Helps Sales Enablement, Sales Development, Learning & Readiness, Human Resources and Talent Development leader’s skill ahead of the exponential pace of the market. Adopting new and transforming skills at a faster pace than the market means companies can seize opportunity quicker than the competition.

Skills building is Integrated into MS TEAMS meaning skill development takes place in the flow of work, in the flow of the conversation, activated just when it is needed most. Top content resources, both internal and external, are immediately accessible and our skills AI makes smart suggestions about the best resources to use to learn faster.

Skill development is authentic and safe because employees can trust in feedback without fear of scrutiny so they can skill to their true self's, to their real priorities. Safe zone controls put employees first, employees are in the driving seat empowered to make their own choices about data privacy.

The viral magnetism of the App energizes employees and pulls them in to seek out others to help them, helping one another to grow through peer-to-peer coaching. Managers easily stay connected with remote workers suggesting skill priorities, sharing great content, and introducing experts who can accelerate learning. Its easy to track tasks, stay ahead of skill goals and outpace the competition.

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