A feature-rich Microsoft Word add-in that is focused on enhancing the creative output of writers.

Pencraft is an AI-powered, feature-rich Microsoft Word add-in that helps writers unleash their creativity. Pencraft is perfect for poets, lyricists, copywriters, novelists, speechwriters, and essayists.

Pencraft offers a standard and an enterprise membership level. The membership levels include full access to the Pencraft Microsoft Word add-in.

The standard level supports a 14 day free trial and costs $4.99 USD per month. However, students can request a special discount here:

The enterprise level is for organizations only and the pricing is custom. Organizations can request the enterprise plan here:

Users must register for a Pencraft account by navigating to, or by clicking the register button on the add-in's start page, before being able to access Pencraft's functionalities. There is a login prompt on the add-in's start page that one can use after registration.

Pencraft has the following features:

Improve your composition with cliché detection.

Augment your creativity with the related word viewer, synonym dictionary, and rhyme dictionary.

View syllable counts, syllable stressing, and meter information.

Query a database of nearly 40,000 public domain poems, including the ability to effectively observe how a word or phrase was used.

Search through over 150 marketing phrases.

Detect whether a poem satisfies a certain rhyme scheme.

Analyze a stanza's structure.

Search for words in the digital dictionary.

Obtain the frequency count of the words used in your document.

Obtain suggestions from the artificial-intelligence powered assistant.

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