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Post notes from OneNote to your SmartOffice contacts

SmartOffice, powered by Ebix, is the premier CRM solution for the financial services industry. We help insurance agents and financial advisors manage and better understand their existing clients while attracting new ones.

The SmartOffice add-in for OneNote allows you to post notes you have created in OneNote to the contact SmartPad in SmartOffice. By making SmartOffice your central storehouse for client notes, you can maintain a complete history of interactions with your clients in one convenient place.

Note: A SmartOffice license is required to use this add-in; to learn more, select Sign up on the sign-in screen or contact Ebix.

Post Notes to SmartOffice

Open a page in any OneNote notebook. Then search for the SmartOffice contact you want to post it to using the included contact search feature. Your notes appear in the contact's SmartPad in seconds.

Support for Multiple Contacts

You're not limited to posting notes to only one SmartOffice contact—the contact search feature lets you select multiple contacts. One click posts the selected notes to all of those contacts at once.

Need help?

We're here to answer your questions! See our user guide or contact SmartOffice Technical Support.

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