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Create The Best Draft Possible with Patent Theory's Proofreading Add-In

Patent Theory, a provider of automated patent drafting tools presents the Patent Theory Add-In. The Patent Theory Add-In enables patent attorneys, agents, and practitioners in general to have a high-quality and speedy review of their patent applications. Patent Theory's motto is to bring automation to the masses. With this tool, you can double-check your claims before submitting to the automation tool online.

More specifically, the Patent Theory Add-In provides effortless proofreading of antecedent basis errors as well as user-indicated "patent profanities." The Patent Theory Add-In also allows the user to view antecedent basis errors easily and quickly. Antecedent basis error results will be quickly loaded in a new webpage for side by side comparison of the results with the input claims. Easily see errors with no match (red highlight), partial matches (yellow highlight) and full matches (green highlight) for antecedent basis issues. For finding patent profanities, simply click through the sidebar to see and edit profanities out of your document.

The Patent Theory Add-In will also provide access to the automated drafting tool provided by

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