Kapta Connect

Kapta Inc

Automatically add note bcc, update actions and tasks, or create notes in Kapta from existing emails.

The Kapta Connect extension for Outlook is a powerful tool for existing Kapta users (a licensed user in Kapta is required to use this tool), offering quick and helpful information associated with Kapta-related emails, and providing links for performing actions such as completing tasks or submitting notes. Kapta Connect users can quickly access information on a Outlook sidebar without having to navigate into Kapta itself, making it far easier to keep your Kapta accounts current.

(Please note that this add-in requires a Kapta licensed user to use. If you'd like to learn more about Kapta please go to our website at

Capacitats del complement
Quan s'utilitza aquest complement:
  • Pot enviar dades per Internet.
  • Aquest complement pot llegir o modificar el contingut de qualsevol element de la bústia de correu i crear elements nous. Pot accedir a informació personal, com ara cossos, temes, remitents, destinataris o fitxers adjunts de qualsevol missatge o element del calendari. És possible que enviï aquestes dades a un servei de tercers.
  • D'una ullada