Build chatbot flows and use them in Microsoft Teams environment.

WiseVoice is a voice and text conversational bot platform designed for non-programmers. The WiseVoice bots built for Microsoft Teams can be part of a one-to-one conversation.

The WiseVoice bots help you to interact with a web service via chat—all without ever having to leave the Teams app. Bots built on the Teams platform serve as intelligent bridges between the Teams client and other services and workflows, bringing them into the context of your active collaboration platform.

The visual chatbot builder interface is a major step in chatbot design and allows you to build complex conversational bots that can execute a large array of tasks such as: define frequently asked questions (FAQ) flows for internal purposes like: information about organization processes, company internal policies or set meeting appointments. All of these while getting different information from external API's, using the REST services capability and even to trigger RPA jobs using the UiPath services block builder.

If you are the organization administrator follow the steps from this link: Configure Microsoft Teams integration.

To associate your organization tenant id with a project on Wisevoice you must have an account on Wisevoice platform.

Email us at to get an acccount.

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