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Improve English with AI-assistant: no more writing mistakes and typos

The Linguix AI-based writing assistant is the best way to find and eliminate spelling issues in your English texts.

Built by professional writers, linguists and technology geeks, our AI-based assistant helps you in finding and fixing millions of mistakes and typos in your English texts. Linguix not only helps in fixing errors, but is useful in content creation. Use our library, featuring dozens of different types and styles of texts, to get practical advice and inspiration.

★ Context-appropriate recommendations.

Linguix makes your sentences as clean as a whistle. It instantly checks the spelling and grammar of your text.

★ Eliminate all types of errors.

Our main goal is to give our users a swiss-army knife-style tool for fixing writing errors. The Linguix AI-based assistant can find and eliminate grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors even a well-educated native speaker may make or encounter. Our algorithm can produce recommendations and apply fixes based on all variations of common language, including US, British, Australian or New Zealand English. For non-native speakers it also shows alerts for often misused false friends.

★ Premium features to skyrocket your writing accuracy.

Sign up for Linguix Premium and experience the full power of the AI-based assistant with an additional 1700+ checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure, as well as vocabulary enhancement suggestions plus genre-specific writing style recommendations.

★ The best tool for professionals.

Linguix Business has been awarded for its perfect UX by the Finances Online b2b-software marketplace while the leading technology blog mentioned it as a great tool to integrate to a company’s marketing process.

★ Your privacy is our top concern.

The Linguix for Outlook add-in sends your text to our servers over a securely encrypted connection. Our web editor features the pastebin -mode which works like secret chats in messaging apps. No content will be stored after you decide to close the editor. Sign up for Linguix for free at

By installing the add-in, you agree to Linguix's terms and conditions ( and privacy policy (

This add-in does not support Internet Explorer 11.

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