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Helpdesk Plus, Sharepoint ticketing system for Office 365

Helpdesk Plus, Sharepoint ticketing system for Office 365 is free, fully featured 30 days trial for one Microsoft 365 tenant. Helpdesk Plus is free upto 3 users forever.

This Sharepoint helpdesk software is simple, customizable, office 365 ticketing system, that ensures your organization can handle every issue effectively with specific help requests (e.g. IT, HR, Finance).

Now employees can create a helpdesk ticket system in Sharepoint ticketing system on the fly using their existing Office 365 login credentials. Further this Microsoft helpdesk won’t need any additional cloud or services as it works within your Office 365 subscription and data stays with you with 100% control with you.

Key features:

• Data stays in your SharePoint

• Custom request types – Configure different type of service requests

• Custom ticket status – Configure ticket status as per your organization needs.

• Custom ticket sequence – Setup custom sequence as per organization standards

• Ticket fields customization – Present selective fields to employee which are necessary

• Mobile responsive – Open / work ticket from mobile phones

• Multiple roles – Admin, Supervisor, Agent, and users

• Smart notifications – Notification on almost all the triggers and you have control to enable or disable it.

• Self Service web forms – User can raise the ticket themselves

• Multiple departments groups – Configure departments as you need

• Commonly users service fields – Configure common raised issues as selective fields to serve better

• Dashboard – To have overview of complete this SharePoint helpdesk

• Custom business hours – You can setup business hours and days

• SLA Policy – Define SLA based on severity

• Canned responses – Save time with canned responses

• Custom signatures – Save productive time

• Customer satisfaction Surveys – Know the pulse of your support

Helpdesk Premium

• Detect agent collision – Don’t allow duplicate response.

• Ticket splitting - Split the ticket to another department if it contains multiple department issues

• Ticket merging – Merge duplicate or similar tickets

• Create new ticket from emails – Create tickets from email directly

• Notification email customization – Customize email body with new placeholders

• Integrate with Asset Management Plus – Know the user’s asset before helping them

• Block spammers and domains – Reduce unwanted tickets by blocking certain domains.

• Customize with Power Automate - Create new actions based on your needs

• API connectivity – Connect with other systems for data exchange.

• Connect with Power BI – Create multiple dashboards as it is needed.

Prerequisites: add-in permissions should be set to allow the add-in to read the host data.

Recommended browsers: Edge based on Chromium, Google Chrome, Safari & Firefox.

This add-in does not support Internet Explorer.

Language(s): English

The trial can be turned into a full version by purchasing license, from our website

For more information, please visit our website:

If you are looking for more features, we can add with additional customization cost. If you have any questions, please visit our website for answers on live chat or mail us at enquiry(a)

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