Graphite Systems Inc.

Easily answer any RFXs in Excel using your graphiteConnect profile.

The graphiteResponder add-in for Excel lets you quickly search your enterprise company profile and respond to RFXs in Excel. You must have a paid graphiteConnect account to use this add-in. Using natural language processing (NLP) and keyword search, this add-in gives you quick access to the thousands of common questions your company answers frequently.

Searching is easy: select a cell and hit the “Copy from cell” button. This will copy the cell’s text and perform a search instantly. Review the answers, select the one which best matches the question, and then simply click on the cell you want to paste the answer into and use the “Paste” button when hovering over the desired answer.

You can contact us to learn more about graphiteConnect and graphiteResponder, and to sign up for an account.

Note: graphiteConnect does not support Internet Explorer for any of it's applications or services, including the graphiteResponder Excel add-in. This add-in will not work in versions of Excel that use Internet Explorer 11.

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