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The fastest way to power commercial real estate valuations (analytics) in your Forbury Software.

The Forbury Add-In ensures users can drive Forbury Software using modern tooling to enhance performance.

Excel is the critical front-end interface of the Forbury software. Analyzing multi-tenanted properties takes time to crunch the numbers. Installing the Forbury Add-In speeds up your engine solve saving you valuable time.

With the Forbury Add-In you can:

  • Process large models (100+ tenants) faster than the macro enabled alternative
  • Benefit from the additional security measures
  • Continue to use a familiar, transparent, and flexible interface that is easy to use
  • Enforce Multi-Factor Authentication across your organization
  • Facilitate SSO – login to Forbury applications using your Microsoft account

The Forbury Add-In is ideal for:

  • Forbury users who run large, multi-tenanted properties
  • All Forbury Retail users

Install this Add-In to drive faster performance from your Forbury models. If you are an existing Forbury user you can read more about how to use this add-in, by visiting Forbury Support.


  • Excel version 1903 or later
  • Forbury Retail V21 or later
  • Forbury Commercial V12 or later

To learn more about becoming a Forbury user, please get in contact with us.

Note: Please be aware that the usage of this Add-In requires the purchase of additional Forbury services.

Please visit our website to find out more.

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