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ThoughtExchange solves for getting candid, unbiased input from your workforce.

ThoughtExchange helps you lead discussions that include, align, and build trust with everyone in your group – in just a few simple steps. Now you can drive strategic discussions, and make informed decisions at scale.

The process is quick and simple:

  1. Ask an Open-ended Question

    Create an Exchange or paste a participation link so groups, teams, or departments can easily and anonymously respond within Microsoft Teams.

  2. Hear from the Group

    Participants confidentially share their answers and objectively rate each others’ responses and ideas. We’ve built anti-bias technology and multilingual capabilities into our platform, so the best ideas rise to the top regardless of who shared them and in what language.

  3. Learn what people actually think

    Each Exchange comes with a full view of the results, where our analytics make it easy to understand the discussion from all angles. Instead of surveying your group with pre-populated answers, you uncover novel insights by hearing what they actually think.

  4. Take Decisive, Supported Action

    Your Exchange shows you exactly what people need to support your decision-making. With a list of actions in hand, you’re ready to align groups and prioritize your next steps.

Users need to have a licensed ThoughtExchange account to use this app. Please contact your Teams Admin or for more information.

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