Cloud Contact Pro

de Intrado Enterprise Collaboration inc

Intrado Cloud Contact Center; handle customer calls directly in Microsoft Teams

Intrado Cloud Contact Pro is natively run in Microsoft Azure. Enjoy fast, reliable service from a well known brand plus 24/7 support and professional service from Intrado.

Features specific to Microsoft Teams include:

  • Intelligent Call Routing - Intelligently route inbound enquiries to the most relevant agent available based on a variety of factors such as agent skillset & or skill level, queue priorities, customer profiles, geographical locations, time of day, and a host of other decision based routing rues.

  • Inbound/Outbound/Blended Campaigns - Optimize agent productivity and eliminate idle time with complete call blending that allows agents to be skilled on inbound, outbound, or fully blended within one concurrent user license.

  • Enhanced Transfer and conference capabilities - Easily transfer customers internally or externally, or engage them in multi-party conference calls.

  • Seamlessly integrate in real time with your web based CRM - Automatically present your agents with caller specific CRM detail as soon as the call is connected.


  • Cloud Contact Pro Agent License

  • A Direct Dial telephone number or an Intrado OnSIP URL

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