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Get work to the right people, bring LawVu to your business users where they work

** This app can be used by LawVu users in the APAC region. Please ensure you install the app which

corresponds with your LawVu region. **

LawVu for Microsoft Teams takes streamlined legal intake to the next level. Business users are busy, and

changing apps means they have to take extra time to engage the legal team. When you bring intake to the business

right where they work you increase productivity for everyone and build better partnership between legal and the


Now business users can raise legal requests right from Teams. The integration captures all relevant fields,

including the content and any attachments from the original message, and creates the matter in LawVu so it's

part of the legal team's system of record.

The key details of a matter created in Teams are visible to channel members at any time, providing transparency

and an audit trail.

Known limitations:

- File attachments on a message may be included in the new matter, however Media files (such as inline images)

are not currently supported.

LawVu is cloud based legal operations software designed for the enterprise.

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