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Wanda helps you take care of your most routine ERP tasks.

Wanda is the world’s first true enterprise Digital Assistant. It is available any time to answer questions and help you automate mundane administrative tasks.

For example, you can submit:

  • Absence requests for vacation and sickness.
  • Single-destination travel requests (and receive a cost estimate for your trip).
  • Daily and weekly timesheets.
  • Expense claims for single expense items, and for travel expense items such as transport, hotel and meals incurred during single-destination trips.

You can also:

  • See your HR-related information such as payslips, as well as your vacation, flexi and overtime balance.
  • Raise simple purchase requests for items from an internal product catalog, for example computer and office supplies.
  • Manage tasks assigned to you in your Task List.

Just add Wanda to your contacts and then you have your own digital assistant on hand to help you take care of your tasks anytime without having to access Unit4 ERP.

Wanda uses machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to continuously learn about and adapt to your work patterns, and is also updated regularly with new skills to be able to help you with more tasks in the future.

Unit4’s Digital Assistant, Wanda, is an enterprise app and therefore not available for independent users. To use the app, you must be a Unit4 ERP user and have an organization account. If your organization doesn’t use Unit4 ERP, then please visit Unit4 ERP to find out more.

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