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A simple yet powerful solution meets your scheduling needs in hybrid work mode

The pandemic has been bringing both challenges and opportunities for the global businesses. People are overwhelmed with complicated scheduling procedures and remain concerned about employees’ health and safety. Therefore, hybrid working model becomes a trend as it lowers the costs and saves resources.


Gaia Workspace helps your company manage everything more efficient, seamless, and secure with three major functions: Room and Desk Booking, Employee Health Screening, and Vaccine and Test Tracking.

  • Room Booking digitalizes your room scheduling process.
  • Desk Booking allows you deploy flexibility, maximize resources utilization, improve department collaboration, and better implement a hybrid workspace model.
  • Employee Health Screening & Vaccine/Testing Tracking can help your company manage employees’ questionnaire and remind them to fill it out before a workday starts.
  • Visualized Analytics Dashboard allows administrators see the visualized KPIs.


Gaia Workspaces makes workspaces efficient and safe. Please visit our website or contact us at


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