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Interact with employees, interpret sentiment real-time and drive accountability

Berry is a digital personality with feelings and provides best in class experience by listening to employees and helping them have fun at work.\n For **you as an employer**, Berry provides the following:\n - **Campaigns** - Configure and launch campaigns through the Berry web application to get the pulse of the organization and have active conversations with the employee on Microsoft Teams.\n - **Template library** - Library of pre-built templates and questions that are continuously updated in the Berry web application.\n - **Real time dashboards** - Interactive dashboards that can be drilled down based on your needs in the Berry web application.\n - **Drive actions** - Recommend and build actions that can be tracked in the Berry web application.\n For **you as an employee**, Berry provides the following:\n - **Intelligent conversations** - Empathetic human experience reflecting the culture of the company in every interaction.\n - **Anonymous feedback** - Provide your voice to the organization to improve your experience without worrying about the repercussions.\n - **Action updates** - Instant updates on actions being taken inside the organization to improve patterns that come out of employee inputs.\n **Please note - Berry will need to be installed by the organization's Microsoft Teams tenant admin, for it to be ready for installation by other users of the organization.**"

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