Koare I-management

de KoareTech S.L.

Inventory management is the tool for recording and tracking hardware and software assets.

KoareTech inventory management tool

It is ideal for IT departments and management.

The reports provided by the KoareTech Inventory management tool show detailed information about the state and use of items assigned to each employee.

Requirement: Associating to Microsoft Teams group or channel and subscribe with the Azure marketplace.

You can easily manage the computers, mobiles, and licenses that each employee has, see their expiration date or stock availability, register the identifiers of each piece by location and typology

This app need a valid subscription in the Azure marketplace.

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Supported by Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

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Capacitats de l’aplicació

Quan s'utilitza aquesta aplicació,
  • Pot enviar dades per Internet.
  • Aquesta aplicació pot accedir a informació personal del missatge actiu, com ara números de telèfon, adreces postals o direccions URL. L'aplicació pot enviar aquestes dades a un servei de tercers. No es poden llegir ni modificar altres elements de la bústia de correu.

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