Peppermint Connect

de Peppermint Technology Limited

An application that empowers law firms to do more in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

Peppermint Connect is a Microsoft Teams native user

experience built for the modern, innovative and productive law firm. Deeply

embedded in Microsoft Teams, Peppermint Connect recanvases the modern desktop

for lawyers.

Peppermint Connect is about connecting people, wherever they are working, to

the data and intelligence they need to work effectively. It exposes the

functionality of our solutions natively within Microsoft Teams, eliminating

the need to interrupt the flow of work by switching between systems.


  • The end of mental interfacing: Connect empowers users to

    interact with technology through the glass pane they work in every day. We

    don't think you should have to Alt-Tab between multiple platforms and

    mentally interface between methods of engagement to achieve the same

    outcome. Connect is built into Microsoft Teams, in a way that is

    complementary to facilitating how you work and do your job.

  • An enhanced lawyer experience: Lawyers want to access the

    data relevant to them, wherever it is that they are working. They typically

    don't want to log in to separate applications such as CRM, case and

    matter management software - they want the information to meet them where

    they are working currently. Connect surfaces your business data like CRM,

    case and matter data held in larger applications innovatively and

    contextually in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 apps. Whether dealing with

    emails, documents, reminders, communicating with each other or clients -

    Connect brings that depth of information to the forefront, while lawyers get

    on with their work.

  • Software by stealth: The modern law firm needs a platform

    capable of managing all workstreams through a user-friendly and familiar

    platform. This is the bread and butter of Peppermint Connect, meeting users

    where they love to work. Through the glass pane of Microsoft Teams, users

    can gain deep actionable insight from their heavier platforms, without

    leaving the familiarity of lighter ones.

  • Microsoft native, end to end: Peppermint Connect is front

    to back, left, right and centre built within Microsoft 365 and Microsoft

    Teams. It's not a solution masquerading as leveraging Azure - it's

    deeply embedded in the Microsoft 365, Microsoft PowerPlatform. Every product

    we build is born in legal and built on the Microsoft Cloud.


In order to use this application, users must have an active Peppermint CX365

subscription. Peppermint Connect can be purchased as part of the deployment of

our Client Engagement, Case Automation, Matter Management or Document

Management solutions.


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