CyberWallet Invoices

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Send crypto invoices right from your secure Microsoft Teams environment

CyberWallet is a secure crypto wallet app that the first who let you create, manage and share crypto invoices. Now with an integration to Microsoft Teams will make it even more simple and seamless. Try it and you will love it!

CyberWallet application is free and doesn't require purchasing any license or pay for the subscription. Only thing you need is to make a crypto wallet in CyberWallet. Please note, to sign in to the CyberWallet, you need to create a HyperID account first. CyberWallet uses HyperID service for authentication purposes.

With a CyberWallet app, you could create and send to chat crypto invoices. Crypto invoice will contain your crypto wallet to accept a payment, amount and kind of cryptocurrency you want to get and a description to make everyone understand what this invoice is about.

PLEASE NOTE: You won’t pay the invoice inside the Microsoft Teams. You will be redirected to external page where you will able to make a payment. Inside teams you will only create an Invoice to request the payment.

You only need a 4 steps to send your first crypto invoice:

- Add CyberWallet app to your Teams.

- In any chat or a team, select CyberWallet Tab.

- Just sign in to CyberWallet account.

- Fill the invoice form, then press Send Invoice button.

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