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Master your data quality in Excel – avoid errors and save time.

Identify data issues, compare spreadsheets or workbooks and explore complex formulas easily. The data will always remain safely on your computer.

Analyze data in just 2 clicks

- Identify anomalies such as missing values, inconsistencies (formats, dates, currencies,…), outliers and unusual growth rates, duplicates, formula errors, sensitive data, etc.

- Create your own custom data rules with no-code dropdowns, low-code commands or in JavaScript code

- Adjust settings to tailor the data analysis to your needs and save or share rulesets with colleagues

Compare spreadsheets or workbooks:

- Identify differences between spreadsheets or entire workbooks, e.g., when comparing a new and an old version

- Track changes and see changed cells or what rows/columns have moved

- Accept/reject changes – similar to how it can be done in Microsoft Word

Explore formulas intuitively:

- Explore precedents/dependents and break down a formula into its components (“tree-like structure”)

- See interim results of formulas and navigate to each component by clicking on respective elements

- Edit a formula while navigating to different parts of the workbook and quickly jump from one spreadsheet to the other

The DQ Assistant offers a 14 days trial period free of charge! For unrestricted use, we kindly ask you to purchase a subscription. Subscribe in the Add-in directly or contact for volume/corporate licenses.

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