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cellLoop is a video commenting tool for Microsoft Excel.

cellLoop creates an interactive wrapper around your spreadsheet. This ensures that you can continue to use your spreadsheet with or without cellLoop.

cellLoop makes spreadsheet storytelling, demonstrations, feedback and training a rich, interactive experience. We create asynchronous experiences for your business (and spreadsheets).

cellLoop can be used for a wide range of use cases, includeing Storytelling, Demonstrations, Feedback, including Video Comments, and Spreadsheet Training.

You can use cellLoop immediately in a limited way for free - we simply cap the number of video comments you can record. To sign up, all we need is an Email and Password, or use your Google or Microsoft account. For more information about our pricing, please visit: You can subscribe to our pricing within the application, under 'Subscriptions', or login with your account at:

For more information on our Terms and Security Practices, please visit:

Capacitats del complement

Quan s'utilitza aquest complement:
  • Pot llegir el document i fer-hi canvis.
  • Pot enviar dades per Internet.

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