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A user-friendly legal writing, document creation, and management Microsoft Word Add-in tool for.

Designed specifically for legal professionals and legal writing.

Reusable, user defined generation of standard legal document elements, such as Case Captions and Pleading Headers. These tools prevent costly revisions and errors and allow for easy editing with reusage.

Generation and formatting of Table of Contents & Table of Authorities that conforms to legal writing standards. Ability to update both Tables in real time, eliminating the need to manually create and revise.

Smart citation tools, that create and check citations.

Easy access to the items you use most, including: Standard Legal Symbols; Common Abbreviations and Court Reporters; and formatting features such as customizable page numbering.

The app will be available for purchase by subscription for $20/month, with a 3-day free trial period. A license key will be provided upon checkout. To purchase the product, customers will go here:

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