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Experience the Metaverse in Microsoft Teams in 3D or with Virtual Reality.

Mootup provides real-time engagement and collaboration features in an immersive, mobile, tablet, desktop or Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) 3D experience.

You will not only be able to meet with your Team using any channel, but also share rich media and build customized experiences, leveraging advanced team features such as whiteboards, live streaming, 360 videos, TTS and Voice commands, Avatar Bots, Slideshow Presentations and a lot more, with endless possibilities.

These are some of the most **popular features**:

- Customize your meeting environment using a gallery with thousands of 3D objects;

- Place 3D objects, 360 images, videos and slideshows in the Space instantly;

- Each channel tab opens a secure and isolated 3D Space in the Metaverse;

- Start screen-sharing in a "Mediaboard" at any time or use a "Video Avatar" right in the 3D environment;

- Brainstorm with your team using a 3D whiteboard;

- Interact with your Metaverse Space by building advanced actions triggered by any 3D object;

- Express yourself with emotes and avatar animations;

- Cross-platform and cross-browser;

- Support for all desktop, mobile devices and most popular VR headsets;

**Who is this for?**

This app is meant for all teams that want to include the Metaverse in their everyday meetings by taking advantage of an immersive 3D experience to enhance their collaboration.

From a formal meeting room to an informal chat by the coffee machine or a stroll through nature in a virtual park, **Mootup** offers a sense of depth, space and life-like experience.

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