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HROne is a future-ready HCM suite that automates HR processes.

HROne is a global leader in cloud based HCM software, dedicated to revolutionizing HR processes and creating amazing workplaces. Unlock the true potential of HR professionals by automating mundane tasks and liberating their valuable time and mental space.

HROne Bot service provide users an easy interface to request most common tasks:

  1. View Letters - Access all letters given to an employee.

  2. View Payslips - Review monthly payslips.

  3. Raise Tickets - Submit a helpdesk request for the internal team.

  4. Mark Attendance - Record daily attendance.

  5. Apply leave - Request leave easily.

  6. Attendance Regularization - If you forget to mark attendance, you can regularize it through RM.

In order to use this app. User must have an active HROne accounts, If your organization subscribed HROne services, please ask HR Team to enable HROne Bot service for Teams or write us at, or use our Contact Us page.

Capacitats de l’aplicació

Quan s'utilitza aquesta aplicació,
  • Pot enviar dades per Internet.
  • Aquesta aplicació pot accedir a informació personal del missatge actiu, com ara números de telèfon, adreces postals o direccions URL. L'aplicació pot enviar aquestes dades a un servei de tercers. No es poden llegir ni modificar altres elements de la bústia de correu.

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