PipelineDeals for Outlook

PipelineDeals Inc

File email and sync your Outlook calendar and contact records to your PipelineDeals CRM account.

PipelineDeals for Outlook helps you keep your contacts, tasks, and events updated and synced between your Outlook and PipelineDeals accounts. Quickly file email sent or received under contact records in PipelineDeals. Works with your email account, and with Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013,, and Outlook for Mac.

Benefits include:

  • Two-way sync for tasks and events to ensure your calendar in Outlook and PipelineDeals always are up-to-date. Tasks and events automatically update if changes are made in either system.
  • Two-way sync contacts in PipelineDeals with your Outlook email account contacts. Syncing helps keep your records up-to-date if changes are made in either location.
  • Easily add contact records from Outlook to PipelineDeals by applying the PipelineDeals contact category label in your Outlook email account to efficiently add new contacts to PipelineDeals.
  • File sent or received email, with their attachments, into PipelineDeals from your Outlook email account. Email and attachments are added as activities onto the appropriate contact record so you have one central location for all communication with your contacts.
Capacitats del complement
Quan s'utilitza aquest complement:
  • Pot enviar dades per Internet.
  • Aquest complement pot llegir o modificar el contingut de qualsevol element de la bústia de correu i crear elements nous. Pot accedir a informació personal, com ara cossos, temes, remitents, destinataris o fitxers adjunts de qualsevol missatge o element del calendari. És possible que enviï aquestes dades a un servei de tercers.
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