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File and tag Excel, Word & PowerPoint files directly to SharePoint, Teams & OneDrive

Colligo Office Connect for Microsoft 365 lets you search for, open, and save files to Microsoft SharePoint and Teams right from the Microsoft suite of Office applications — with full metadata and retention label support. With it, your teams can file, tag, and discover content faster.

Office Connect makes SharePoint more accessible and usable, right from the Office applications, and all from a familiar Colligo interface.

Please note: You will need to use your Office 365 account to receive the Colligo add-in.

Benefits for end-users:

• Easily save Microsoft Office files to SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive on-the-go with a familiar experience across devices.

• Automatically extract file metadata properties or manually prompt for and capture custom fields.

• Search for or browse SharePoint content within Microsoft 365’s native interfaces, without the need to switch apps.

• Quickly find the right place to save content via quick links to recent and frequently used SharePoint sites.

Benefits for the company:

• Quickly deploy the app using the simple Microsoft 365 add-in framework so users get instant access.

• Drive consumption and user-adoption of SharePoint as your system for records and knowledge management.

• Leverage Microsoft 365 and support BYOD without compromising information management compliance.

• Centrally configure site access for users and groups with an administrative tool line of business and knowledge managers can use.

• Help ensure documents end up in the right place, properly tagged, and according to policy.



• The ability to save Office files (Word/Excel/PPT) with metadata to SharePoint from within each app

• Version support

• Conflict Resolution

• The ability to create a folder within a SharePoint library


• Prompts for whatever metadata is configured for a selected content type

• Allows users to select content types (associated with that library)

• Prompts for retention labels

• The ability to save with full document set support


• SharePoint View support


• Integrated SharePoint search capabilities

• Full sorting and filtering capabilities when searching


• Version support

• Conflict Resolution

Central Administration

• Centralized and simplified deployment via the Microsoft 365 add-in framework

• Admin capabilities to push sites, policies and streams (libraries) to users


• Microsoft 365

System Compatibility

• SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2013/2016/2019 (Including ProPlus and Office 365)

• Virtualization Services (Including Xen Desktop, XenApp, Terminal Services)

• Office 2016

• iOS Outlook App

• Android Outlook App


• English

Multi-Cloud Platform

• SharePoint Online, Teams, and OneDrive

Deployment Time

• Minutes

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