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With the "Intranet News" Add-In you can easily publish News & Articles for your Intranet

The "Intranet News Add-In" has the following Features:

  • Contains an fully Richtext Editor to Edit the News Description with many format options and features like Attachment / Image Upload / Add Hyperlinks
  • Automatic installation in your SharePoint Online Site ( Creates all necessary lists, libraries etc. )
  • Supports different Roles ( Reader / Authors / Editors / Admins )
  • Create News & Articles ( with Images, Attachments, Deletion Dates, Publish Dates, external Link )
  • Search Features such as "Search by Category", "Search by Text / Dates / Authors"
  • "News Read Counter" ( counts how often the news was clicked )
  • Automatic Deletion Feature ( Field "Deletion Date" )
  • No File size Restriction during Image and Attachment Uploads ( up to max. 2 GB File size )

Deployment & Installation

  • You need "Site Owner" Access Level to deploy & and install the Add-In. ( Because Lists / Libraries / Groups will be created by the Add-In )
  • Add the Add-In from your Site Collection "Add-In Catalog" to your Site
  • Click on "Deploy" Button to deploy the Add-In to your Site.
  • Select "Trust It" Button to accept the following access levels: a) Let it create or delete document libraries and lists in this site. b) Let it access basic information about the users of this site. Installation & Setup of the Add-In [#LI]After successfull adding your Add-In to your Site, just click on the Add-In to run it the first time.
  • Now, all the necessary lists / libraries / groups will be automatically created by the Add-In, you can see it when you reload the "Site Contents". ( you can see also all the messages in the console log by pressing F12 > Console )
  • The Add-In will be automatically started with a blank screen ( no News available ) and gives the user some "Pop-Up" Windows where to Create News / Update Author Profile / Upload Custom Company Logo

Roles & Groups Setup

  • The Add-In automatically detects the current Users Permission Level ( Editor, Author or Reader ), no more Setup is needed.
  • Based on the Users Access Level, the "New Article" Button will be displayed ( only Authors and Editors can create News )
  • Feel free to create groups for the "Intranet News" Add-In such as "NEWS_AUTHORS" ( with "Contribute" Level ), "NEWS_EDITORS" ( with "Edit" Level ) and "NEWS_READERS" ( with "Read" Level )
  • Feel free to add users in that groups based on your business need.

News Creation

You can create new News by click on "New Article" in the Navigation, The "News Dialog" will appear where you fill out

  • News Title
  • News Description ( with many format options )
  • Select "News Category" from the choices ( or Edit Categories to setup own categories )
  • Upload Image for the News ( optional )
  • Upload Attachment for the News ( optional )
  • Add external Link to News Website ( if you referring to other sources )
  • Add "Deletion Date" for automatically deletion ( when the news is no longer needed )
  • Mark News as "Important News" to be displayed on the front page

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