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An Effective Way to Manage your File Classification Plan

An Effective Way to Manage your File Classification Plan

Taxonomy for Microsoft 365 is available as a free, fully-featured 30-day trial.

Taxonomy is a simple, SharePoint hosted File Classification Plan Management software, that provides you and your team with a set of collaboration features to create, update, track changes and publish your File Classification plan to the entire organization.

Key features:

  • Upload from Excel: You do not have to start from scratch, Taxonomy provides you with the ability to upload your file classification plan from excel.
  • Taxonomy role based access allows you to bring different types of collaborators into the game;

    • Readers: are the end-users who only need access to the published version of the file classification Plan

    • Reviewers: are SMEs who would review and comment on the draft file classification plan

    • Editors: are the individuals who hold the pen for the creation of the file plan

    • Approvers: are the individuals who initiate the process for creating the file plan, and who can publish it.

  • Taxonomy provides you with a manual version control, where you can manually create a minor or a major version, and at any point in time you can restore a previous version.
  • Taxonomy manages different states of the File Classification plan

    • Published: visible to Readers which is usually everyone in the organization

    • Submitted: Only the Approver who has the right to edit the file plan while it is in this state

    • Draft: visible to Reviewers, and can be edited by the Editors and the Approvers

    • Archived: visible only to Admins.

  • You can export the File Classification Plan to Excel, work on it and imported back to the app.

Important Notices:

  • The user who installed this app for the first time automatically becomes an administrator with the ability to assign admin roles to others
  • The Administrator will be able to manage the access to the app by adding/removing user accounts to/from the groups.
  • Supported browsers: IE10 or later, newer versions of Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge
  • For installation and configuration steps, please follow this link:

The trial can be turned into a full version by purchasing an License Key, the total cost is $2,798 (one-time fee, for an unlimited number of users, including free updates and support). We also offer low price packages, for more details, please visit our product site:

For any questions please email us at

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