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Parallel coordinates visualization is used to plot multivariate numerical data.

The ideal scenario for this visualization is to compare many variables together and seeing the relationships between them. For example, if you had to compare an array of products with the same attributes. The ability of the parallel coordinates chart isn’t to communicate the fact in the data to the users, but rather in their ability to bring some useful multivariate patterns and comparisons when used interactively for analysis. **KEY FEATURES** - Assign the category (Dimension) and the measure values - Axis Formatting - Data Labels - Number Formatting - Legend customization - Shared Tooltip - Utilities Menu **USE CASES** 1. Comparing a product across different measures such as sales, profit, discount 2. Gives a clear path of information in more intuitive manner, to figure out patterns, exceptions and observations Pro features are listed in visual and [Pro Features](, additional purchase is required to use the mentioned list.

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