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Advanced Pie and Donut charts are used to show the proportions of categorical data

The xViz Advanced Pie and Donut provides several Pie and Donut chart varieties and use cases into a single visual. To better visualize the part to whole relationship and for comfortable viewing, the xViz Advanced Pie and Donut by defaults ranks the Top 5(n) slices and groups the rest into others while visualizing 7 or more slices. Donut charts, as compared to pie charts, have a better data intensity ratio and visuals appeal. The hollow center is often used to display the Total values. Thus, improving the information density of the visuals. Apart from visualizing single category & value use cases, you can also visualize 2 values together with the help of the Variable radius pie chart option. **KEY FEATURES** - 7 in 1 Visual – Pie, Donut, Variable width pie, 3D chart options - Ranking with ‘Others’ - Totals section for Donut chart - Styling options – Set pattens for indivisual slices to make them stand out - Gradient coloring - Data Label Formatting - Conditional Formatting - Drill-down support - Number formatting specific to each value - Summary table- tabular view of data xViz Advanced Pie and Donut is free to use with all the PRO features unlocked in Microsoft Power BI Desktop. However, an additional purchase is required to use the PRO features with Power BI Service, Premium, or Embedded Scenarios. Learn more about our pricing plans for this visual and our xViz Suite at For any feature requests or questions about this advanced custom visual, please write to us at

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