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Connect your SEO data from Google Search Console to Power BI

Ever wanted to get your Google Search Console SEO performance data into Power BI?

If your answer is yes, this dashboard is for you.

Simply connect them and start saving hours on manual data wrangling and data integration.

*Try all data sources for free for 30 days. After the trial period a purchase will be required.

To get started

  1. Connect your Google Search Console Data to here.

    search console power bi step 1

    Make sure to head to Search Console and authenticate with a Google account

  2. Select at least one Website Property from the dropdown

    search console power bi step 2

  3. Install this Power BI App

  4. Click on Connect in the Connect your data section

    search console power bi step 3
  5. Enter your API key which you got in Step 1

    search console power bi step 4

  6. On the next screen click on Sign In

    search console power bi step 5
  7. Your data should be loading now. Depending on your data size this may take a minute or two.