de Access Infinity Limited

Data platform that brings together HTA Insights, Evidence & Pricing Intelligence, all in one place

The only Business Intelligence platform that brings the majority of market access data needs together under one umbrella, With 450+ data points for every approved product, Nuro captures the critical insights needed to support and inform key market access decisions. With insights across 30+ markets, Nuro is the go-to data solution for Global market access teams.

Break down complex business questions.
Nuro helps you tackle complex business questions with a systematic approach that is robust and repeatable.

Learn from the past, inform the future
With insights for ~1,500 approved brands, you can learn from past launches, competitors & industry trends to predict likely HTA outcomes, price benchmarks, etc for your brand.

No more cherry-picking analogues
Using 150+ filters you can perfectly match an exhaustive list of analogues in a matter of second, regardless of how specific your criteria.

The all-in-one business intelligence platform not only provides extensive data but also connects dots between traditionally siloed data.

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