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A psychographic credit score (PCS)


A SaaS service to determine credit risk based using a machine learning platform

AdviceRobo has two solutions for the credit process:
A psychographic credit score (PCS) model a machine learning platform to help assessing creditworthiness. PCS is fully automated and aims to increase acceptance rates among loan applicants at same or better risk levels

An Early Warning (EW) system to the loan provider that enables continuous and real-time base monitoring to drive preventive default services.

Using our services, our clients achieve the following results:

  • 15% more sales
  • 20% less defaults
  • 50% saving on their on-boarding costs

Why Banks use PCS:

  • More revenue
  • Less operational costs
  • Improvement of Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • For
  • all first time clients
  • For automating SME lending

Why Banks use EW:

  • Early detection of risky clients
  • Decrease provision costs
  • Lower write-offs
  • Lower capital reservations