AGRIVI 360 AG Supply Chain

de AGRIVI d.o.o.

AGRIVI 360 Supply Chain platform for food companies, traders and retail

AGRIVI is an award-winning global Agtech company that delivers a market-leading farm management software to support agri-food companies in producing healthy, safe, and nutritious food in a sustainable and profitable way.

AGRIVI’s portfolio of digital agriculture solutions is used by farms, food companies, cooperatives, agribusiness banks, ministries of agriculture and other stakeholders focused on improving agricultural production.

AGRIVI 360 Supply Chain is a comprehensive farm management platform for enterprise farms that supports them in digital transformation of their complex farm operations.
AGRIVI’s 360 Farm Enterprise platform is a central cloud-based software solution that gathers all agricultural data, IoT data, and real-time field information by providing a powerful knowledge-based platform that provides enterprise farms with actionable agronomic and economic insights for making data-driven decisions. All crop types are supported: fruit, vegetable, grain, and other plants.
The cloud platform is available to use on all devices as a web and mobile application. AGRIVI 360 Supply Chain is a perfect fit for integration with customers' ERP or other existing software solution.
With the built-in multilanguage support for 16+ languages, international customer success service, AGRIVI serves customers worldwide and offers the ability to cover multi-country operations with a single platform.

AGRIVI 360 Supply Chain main functionalities:
  • Farm resource management (Crop, fields, machinery, people, inventory)
  • Contract management
  • Farm operations (Planning, tracking, and analyzing complete crop production and field operations)
  • Farm scouting (Agronomic notes, photo evidence with geo-tagging)
  • Weather and risk intelligence (Weather forecast and history by field, bad weather alarms, pest and diseases risk alarms)
  • Crop health insights (satellite imagery, vegetation indices for biomass growth, water stress, and other)
  • Farm finance management (Invoices, payables and receivables, budget, loan management)
  • Farm dashboards and analytics (Field analysis, yield analysis, crop profitability, ROI, farm finance KPI's, reports)
  • Traceability report

AGRIVI is recognized as one of global leaders in the farm management software industry by 100+ industry reports. AGRIVI 360 Supply Chain can be integrated with products in AGRIVI IoT Family:
  • IoT Fleet -> 360 fleet management platform for enterprise farms
  • IoT Meteo -> Real-time microclimate insights from fields
  • IoT Soil -> Real-time soil condition data for fact-based decisions

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