AIMobile webRCP - provide management and analysis service for AI Box

de AIMobile

Aimobile webRCP Service to manage M1-H3/M1-H2/NC-N1/NC-X1/NC-H1/AINO

AIMobile Edge AI Solution Powered by NVIDIA®

AIMobile has developed the Edge AI Product series with the NVIDIA® Jetson™ Platform.

AIMobile's Edge AI Product take a leader part in manufacturing, transportation and smart city applications, driving innovative transformations across multiple industries.

webRCP Sevice is to activate AIMobile's Edge AI Product and manage Edge AI Box after it was activation.

  • Zero Touch enrollment
  • Supports UPnP/SSDP
  • Remote management, monitoring, and alerting
  • Cross-platform (Qualcomm, Intel, NXP)

*This service only serve for AIMobile's edge devices.

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