Akamai Enterprise Threat Protector Advanced

Akamai Technologies

Move security controls to the to cloud for proactive protection against malware and phishing.

Enterprise Threat Protector is cloud based Secure Web Gateway delivered at the Edge.

Activate the service with a simple DNS configuration change
  • Real-time threat intelligence based on Akami’s unprecedented visibility of the internet to proactively block malicious domains and risky URLs
  • Enforce an acceptable use policy (AUP) and block inappropriate web content 
  • Protect off-network devices – laptops, tablets and mobile devices – without the need backhaul traffic over a VPN
  • Identify and block shadow IT based on risk or category and block or allow application operations
  • Inspect web content with multiple malware analysis engines
  • Protect against zero-day malware using a cloud sandbox*
  • Identify and block newly created phishing pages in real-time and at the point of request even if they have never been seen before
  • Protect against confidential or sensitive data being posted to the public internet with data loss prevention
  • Log and report security and AUP events

*Additional License Cost.
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