Order Right: Intelligent Replenishment Optimization for Retail


Generate accurate SKU-level replenishment plans with hand-crafted AI/ML based algorithms

The traditional demand forecasting and replenishment frameworks have proven to be inadequate in addressing the current demand and supply-side disruptions and uncertainties. As a result, most retailers today face elevated levels of out of stock, inventory costs and wastage as compared to the past.

Algonomy’s Order Right helps retailers transform from static and “one-size-fits-all” to AI-powered and hyper-local replenishment planning. It generates accurate order plans for even the most challenging categories. It does so by leveraging its “built-for-retail” AI that accurately predicts real demand across store, channel and categories while also optimizing for constraints such as shelf-life, lead-time, expiration date, minimum order quantity, minimum display stock, and standard ordering frequency constraints.

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