Air Optimizer


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Smart, data-centric software for Air Freight Forwarding Optimization and Process Improvement.

Easily measure and manage your vendor costs and performance! Compare and benchmark vendors and suppliers

See the big picture:
Compare your airline cargo vendors. With Amphorica AirOptimizer, you can now clearly and easily see and compare performance and KPIs such as cost, quality, delays, agent and broker responsiveness.

Be Better Prepared for Market Volatility: Predictively project and forecast your upcoming demand and resource needs.

Do you want to know how to prepare for what’s coming?
How many packages do you need to deliver?
How many resources for the project?
With Amphorica AirOptmizer’s predictive capabilities, you are ahead of the game. Improve your resilience and be prepared for coming events!

Automatically Get Up-to-the-minute Actionable Insights That Really Matter

AirOptimizer tells you which operational changes can help you improve your business. Automatically extracts actionable insights such as: Realignment and better allocation of resources, How to better schedule your staff to avoid process bottlenecks, support better decisions that save costs and improve service levels, quality assurance and regulatory compliance.

Easily gain big picture perspective or drill down to gain better command and control of each individual stakeholder: Customer, Supplier or Agent Click on any customer data and get insights on their specific

Profitable customer to those who need more attention. Look at the customers with high activity levels all the way to the smallest customers with growth opportunities. Look at the data and allocate your resources accordingly. By different time frames: daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Issue a report on any time interval. Amphorica’s AirOptmizer allows you to customize to your company look and feel.

  • Gain better control over your Air Freight operations

  • Plan and execute more accurately and more efficiently

  • Visualize and better understand and control your operations through your (existing) operational data

  • Solve problems easily and quickly

  • Preemptively avoid risky situations, minimize loss and improve business resilience in critical times

  • Provide better, more competitive service levels while improving your profits

Benefits multiple stakeholders: from senior company management to field managers to operational employees, such as agents and couriers all the way to your customers (senders)

Easily and seamlessly connects and integrates with your existing IT management systems

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