Tellus for Teams governance


Take the pain away from managing Microsoft Teams and engage your staff for enhanced collaboration

With Tellus, it’s easier than ever to create, maintain and manage your Microsoft Teams with the governance guard rails up. As a powerful app that combines three robust solutions – Teams governance, askSolution, and Social Analytics – Tellus allows you to easily manage a team’s lifecycle from creation to deletion from a central hub that empowers your employees with self-service for improved workplace collaboration.

Features include:

  • Templatised Teams creation: Choose from 4 unique templates that have been built to meet your most common Microsoft Teams use cases
  • Activity status: Quickly see which Teams are active or inactive with automatic detection and monitoring of activity
  • Integrated confidentiality labels: Secure your organisation’s information by assigning privacy and sensitivity labels  
  • Review and approve teams: Avoid Teams duplication and subsequent sprawl by defining who can request, approve and manage Teams
  • Lifecycle management: Make quick decisions about archiving, deletion and retention from a single view in the Tellus dashboard
  • Central hub: Facilitate cross-functional knowledge sharing by decentralising key information from subject matter experts
  • On-demand answers: Receive instant answers to common questions from an AI-powered virtual assistant that frees up your best staff
  • User insights: Identify trends and gain key insights into staff interactions that enables data-driven decision making  

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