TeamSlide Business

Aploris GmbH

PowerPoint slide search and management – connect SharePoint or build your own slide library

TeamSlide is a slide-level search solution with a PowerPoint add-in. Users can search, preview, and insert slides without leaving PowerPoint. Connect to your existing repository (SharePoint, Box, OneDrive, etc.) or build one directly.

Finding a slide is a tedious process resulting in lost productivity and poor output quality. Employees rummage through presentations, scan emails, contact colleagues, use old versions or hastily recreate slides.

TeamSlide keeps PowerPoint content at your fingertips.

Marketing and sales teams can get instant access to the best collateral to help close a deal. Consulting firms and financial services organizations can search their knowledge repositories to quickly find the specific content they need.

Increase productivity, drive consistent messaging, and improve knowledge sharing with TeamSlide!

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