The world's best property technology and most advanced generative design engine at your fingertips. is the only property technology software you will ever need.

For Architects

Get Back to Profitable Architecture & Design With Archistar

Let us take care of repetitive, time-consuming tasks so you can focus on your high value design work. 

Use our platform to identify potential project sites, and instantly assess their feasibility with our calculators. 

Our world-first artificial intelligence can also assess designs for building controls, accurately calculating sunlight and cross ventilation. 

For Property Developers

Supercharge your property development process with Archistar Artificial Intelligence.
  • Find profitable development sites
  • Assess Due Diligence & Feasibility
  • Design 3D building concepts
Do it all in under 10 minutes on one platform.

For Real Estate Agents

Win More Listings With Unique & Competitive Data
Use a single, intuitive platform to cross-reference Australia’s best data sets with ease, then combine it all into a branded, professional report containing everything an agent needs to win. 
Discover the development potential of any site and view Nearmap, RP Data, Domain & more on one cost-effective platform.

For Local Government

Apply Local Planning Laws To Live Properties At The Click Of A Button
If you make planning decisions then Archistar will streamline your planning approvals and give you the data to make confident decisions. 
Archistar’s Property Analytics engine can assess designs for sunlight, cross-ventilation, unit mix and more. 
Use our world-first design generator to see firsthand how developments will affect your council.
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