Go Approve by SoftwareONE

de SoftwareOne Comércio e Serviços de Informática LTDA

Approve SAP documents, everywhere, any time with Go Approve by SoftwareONE

The smooth running of your business depends on the constant monitoring and control of your IT system environment, make one of the most important investments for your company, with Go Approve Plus, a mobile application that allows you to manage the document approval processes of your business.

Go Approve Plus assists how your team works with SAP systems allowing users to approve SAP documents directly from their smartphone, reducing approval time by up to 95%, with access security that is protected by Office 365 Authentication.

Go Approve is powered by Azure platform by means of Azure Microservices to run the application.


Avoid wasting time with instant push notifications directly on your device when there are one or more documents pending to be processed.


Perform all your tasks safely with a variety of strong security factors such as Encryption, Token, Biometrics, 2FA and MFA.


Ease of document configuration through their control and approval with quick configuration and implementation of any type of document, without the need for complex projects

Go Approve Plus is designed for a fast, smooth, and secure implementation

- Multiplatform

- Secure access

- Easy and quick setup

- Customizable

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