Revit to Augmented Reality - Construction QA App


Revit to Augmented Reality in minutes with Argyle's construction quality assurance application

Argyle automates Quality Assurance on the construction site using your BIM models and our QA in Augmented Reality technology. 

How it works: From Revit, click Argyle plugin to send model and metadata to our secure cloud. Arrive on site and view your Revit model as 1:1 augmented reality holograms.

  • 5x Faster Inspections - Checklists that are documented on your feet. Simply click pass or fail.
  • Eliminate Rework - Promote First Time Quality. With BIM as a visual guide on site, jobsite workers build it right the first time
  • Quantify and Track Errors - Track your rework and (rework prevented). Argyle empowers the front line worker to quantify and track errors on the fly for improved project outcomes.
  • Productivity Enhancer - Speed comprehension and execution of complex construction. Workers and stakeholders of all experience levels can easily understand 3D models viewed in context of the build. 
  • Clear, Real-Time Communication - Eliminate experience gaps, language barriers, Covid 19, or travel barriers. Enable remote visual communications, RFIs in context, and QA on the fly.
  • Bring BIM to life - AR makes your BIM investment even more valuable. Interactive Holographic BIM Models in the context of the site allows all frontline employees to experience the model

    Why Argyle:

    Easy - Designed for the modern Construction frontline of all experience levels. Argyle is a visual guide for everyone on site.

    Fast - Expect quick uploads, speedy downloads, and rapid onboarding.

    Aligned - Patent pending, Argyle keeps holograms aligned to the jobsite and eliminates  changes to the model and project so your entire team is aligned on the build.
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