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Identification and verification of people, organisations and data in real-time.


Have you heard the stories of people and organisations that have suffered loss as a result of being targeted by fraudsters? These criminals use phishing attacks to learn about you, gain access to your email and other accounts and then use deception to trick you into giving them access to sensitive data or your assets - typically cash. Can you believe one company lost $29m in alleged fraud, based on fraudulent instructions by an imposter who pretended to be a management executive? If you do not have adequate safeguards, it’s only a matter of time until you become a victim.

Luciditi has been specifically designed to enable the mutual identification and verification of people, organisations and data in real time via desktop or mobile apps. Adopting and using Luciditi allows you to verify legitimacy and trust the people and organisations you communicate with online, by phone and in person.

Real-time fraud mitigation technology protects businesses and individuals’ assets and reputation from a variety of impersonation fraud attacks before they can happen. Protect yourself from impostors, mandate fraud and CEO impersonation fraud attacks, where criminals pretend to be someone you trust in order to get access to your data, your money or your customers assets.

An integral part of any prudent Chief Financial Officer and Chief Security Officers toolkit. Essential for maintaining the integrity of your department, and other staff members that could be targeted as part of a deception to defraud.  We designed Luciditi to work for organisations and individuals, it permits you to validate your credentials, record your trusted relationships, securely store and share sensitive data in real-time, with people where trust has been established.

Luciditi is an online desktop and mobile solution providing highly secure (encrypted), mutual validation of the parties and data involved in any communication. Use Luciditi to validate the authenticity of callers, emails, messages and visitors to defend yourself against fraudsters in real time.

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