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platbricks® | Network and Digitalize Your Logistics Processes!

Our platbricks® solution integrates your online shop or the ERP, inventory management, or order management system you use to manage orders via the standard interfaces included in the platform. The open interface concept lets you easily integrate your proprietary systems.

Within the intelligent control center, you can monitor and control all integrated operational processes with the help of a KPI monitor in real time.

Meanwhile, the process configurator offers a catalog of preconfigured settings options that you can use to customize processes. One of the configurator’s core features is the option to select among various verification methods, such as swiping motions, pattern, color, or letter codes, check digits, scanning, or touch-free methods using NFC.

You can use the administration interface to connect devices and locations with a click of the mouse; this way, you can roll out the solution at all of your national or international sites.

The cloud-based software allows new sites around the world to be rapidly connected.

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