de A.S. Adrian Stern

Innovative online tool for building individual and tailored teaching process with curriculum builder

Platform is currently only available in Polish language. 

Regardless of the form of education (traditional, remote, mixed) or methods and teaching models thanks to eduMENTORS:

• you can modify or construct from scratch a curriculum adapted to the needs and capabilities of your students (taking into account the specificity of the school and local environment)

• you can prepare an original, interdisciplinary, interclass curriculum - always consistent with the core curriculum of the subject (s)

• you can plan and conduct a traditional (in the classroom), remote (on- line) and mixed (blended learning) lesson with maximum optimization of the time devoted to its preparation

• you can plan and document pedagogical innovations

• you can improve the communication process with students and parents

Selected eduMENTORS functions:

• thanks to integration with the Microsoft 365 platform using Azure cloud solutions eduMENTORS becomes a coherent learning and teaching environment fully integrated with such solutions as Microsoft Teams or Microsoft OneNote

• full control over the progress of the implemented curriculum

• the opportunity to share the objectives, content and methods used in the lesson with your students and interested parents

• archiving achievements and projects in the user's digital portfolio


eduMENTORS is also:

• digital library of curricula (coming from publishing houses and from the best teachers - practitioners)

• the highest security standards and privacy protection in accordance with applicable regulations (secure access, protection of personal data and digital resources)

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