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MatchingCore® Superpowers for planning teams. AI solution for intelligent workforce planning.

aspaara® MatchingCore® is a powerful software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. An AI co-pilot for your planning team, smoothly integrating into your HR, CRM and IT infrastructure, complementing your planning team's superpowers.

An artificial intelligence optimisation solution with three core strengths: it evolves, adapts and works collaboratively with your existing planning processes. Its SaaS-based superpowers remove the need for frequent and extensive updates.

aspaara® MatchingCore® analyses your company's planning data and provides comprehensive optimisation insights directly to your planning team. These impressive insights and results empower your planning team to make better staffing decisions, anticipate upcoming challenges and intelligently plan how to face them.

  • Increase your talent's productivity by up to 15%
  • Reduce your talents travel time by up to 48% (travel time/distance)
  • Automate your planning process by up to 90%, including new-hire allocation
  • Improve your talent’s job satisfaction by planning with them, 89% of talents receive their first work preferences
  • Talent Marketplace, where your talents select which work opportunities they prefer to work on

With your new AI co-pilot and Talent Marketplace, MatchingCore® will help you save an average of $2,200 per talent per year. This means you will realise your return on investment within two and a half months.

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